Knoll Maschinenbau GmbG

Pumping and Tempering Sensitive Media


Today many manufacturing processes are not possible without the use of pumps. And often not only the role of pure pumping, but also tempering is important, as the transport media must be kept on a very specific temperature level. The pump must therefore be able to temper – which means cooling or heating due to the specific process.

In the case of sensitive goods in transit it must be ensured that they do not get into contact with the tempering media. Any contamination must be ruled out. KNOLL Maschinenbau has therefore  specially designed its MX progressive cavity pumps, so that tempering with steam, water or oil is possible without contamination of the sensitive transport media.

In order to achieve this a double jacket on the suction housing as well as on the pump assembly gets applied. This solution offers several advantages:

  1. High pressure stability: The double jacket keeps up with a pressure of up to 5 bar, for example when the pump gets tempered in the context of an overall tempering of pipes and containers.
  2. Good tempering properties: The stator in EvenWall-design provides a relatively large surface area with even elastomer wall thickness and thus very good characteristics for tempering.
  3. Extremely easy to service: Even when fitted with the double jacket for tempering the MX from KNOLL remains an extremely easy to service pump because all parts are still equally accessible.
  4. Stator-Relining: If there is wear on the stator, it can be reprocessed. For this, the elastomer used is burned out, so that the stator shell can be used for a re-vulcanization. Cost savings and protection of the environment are the consequences.

Finally, it should be mentioned that this progressive cavity pump offers high efficiency and carries only very little heat on its transport medium. Therefore heating will practically not occur, so that a “well-tempered” pumping and transport operation is guaranteed with the MX from KNOLL Maschinenbau.