Knoll Maschinenbau GmbG

Cleaning Pumps Inside and Outside


Pumps need to be cleaned easily. But in most cases attention is paid only  to the interior of the pump while the pump housing and the drive get much less attention. In the American Food Industry there is an ever increasing demand on general hygiene that is being extended to the exterior of the pumps. It is now as important for the exterior of the pump to  be cleaned as easily as the interior.

Because of this requirement, pumps must be cleanable with high pressure cleaners. For instance, pumps cannot have painted parts that would discourage high pressure washing. This requires smooth outer contours without dead spaces, so that no dirt traps or residues of cleaning fluids occur. In addition the atmosphere side surfaces of the pump need to be corrosion resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.

KNOLL Maschinenbau can meet all of these requirements with its MX progressing cavity pump: The MX is designed completely in stainless steel, which also applies to the stator jacket and the drive. There are no covers on the drive. Covers normally accumulate a lot of dirt and are unsuitable for very hygiene-sensitive work environments. As a drive in stainless steel, gear, servo and stepper motors are offered, so that a wide range of use cases can be covered.

In addition, the MX from KNOLL Maschinenbau maintains the highest degree of internal sanitary standards (CIP and SIP) – like in the standard model. As a consequence this progressive cavity pump is ready not only for food industry, but may as well assist in pharmacy, biochemistry and cosmetics in order to meet highest hygiene requirements.