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RONDO FOOD relies on KNOLL – the MX delivers the goods in the pet food industry

Rondo Food_LogoThe RONDO FOOD company, which specialises in snack products for cats and dogs, has been using MX progressing cavity pumps by KNOLL for a number of years now with highly satisfactory results. RONDO FOOD has made an international name for itself as a supplier of private label products to commercial and industrial enterprises in the European, US and Asian markets.

When it comes to the production of pet snacks, RONDO FOOD places great emphasis on fast and hygienic processing of fresh meat. The meat is made into a slurry with a viscosity of between 1,000 and 3,000 mPas. This slurry contains chunks of meat 1.5 x 0.5 mm in size. Gentle product delivery is very important because these chunks must not be destroyed. This unique feature of the MX progressing cavity pump by KNOLL is a key criterion for RONDO FOOD. Today, nearly 50 MX progressing cavity pumps are used by RONDO FOOD at various production sites so as to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The MX also has other advantages in addition to gentle product delivery: the proven EvenWall® technology of the high-compression stator allows pressures of up to 10 bar per pressure cycle, which saves space and, most importantly, cost. That means KNOLL can also supply small and cost-effective MX progressing cavity pumps for high-pressure applications. Due to the stringent hygiene requirements which apply in the pet food industry, cleaning and maintenance are important to RONDO FOOD. In this department, the MX scores highly with its service-friendly design. Thanks to its modular principle, it can be disassembled easily and quickly. The MX progressing cavity pump by KNOLL is at home in the hygiene sector and can be easily cleaned and sterilised using CIP and SIP methods by virtue of its virtually pocket-free design. Another plus-point is the low part diversity – which greatly simplifies both maintenance and stocking of parts by the customer. Because the pumps in the MX series differ from one another only in terms of their pump unit, which comes in nine different sizes, the wear parts of, say, the shaft seal and universal joint are identical and can be used flexibly.



KNOLL’s MX does not heat up even at 140 °C

The MX progressing cavity pump from KNOLL is used in many different areas, from the food and beverage industry to pharmaceuticals to the chemical industry. This pump also stands the test in extreme cases. This has been proven at Europe’s leading manufacturer of building shells, interior fittings, and insulation technology. Here, the MX is incorporated into the process of reclaiming fibrous plasterboard. It withstands temperatures of 140 ° C and an extremely abrasive fluid.

Progressing cavity pump MXWaste and remains of the plasterboard panels are relegated to a viscous suspension of approx. 500 mPas. Using the MX, this fluid is pumped back into a reactor before it is processed into new fibrous plasterboard. A challenge of this use is the high temperature of the fluid, 140 °C. Thanks to its special design, the MX performs well: the EvenWall® technology of the KNOLL stator guarantees even pressing even at high temperatures. This improves the durability of the stator considerably. Another challenge of the fluid is its abrasive character. The plaster suspension contains 10 – 15 µm particles with a concentration of 32 – 50 %. The MX also has the solution for this: a stator of wear-proof special elastomer for high temperatures as well as a specially-coated rotor, which also demonstrates wear-proof qualities despite the extremely abrasive fluid.

An additional benefit of the KNOLL MX progressing cavity pump is the even flow speed in the suction housing, which prevents sedimentation and thus the settling of the fluid. This is the result of the even diameter of the cardan joint and the pump’s design, which keeps the clearance volume low. Therefore, no fluid accumulations form on the joint or on the housing wall.

Rotary piston pumps were used for this process in the past, however without any success. After just a few weeks, the pumps had to be replaced due to wear. The MX progressing cavity pump from KNOLL has been used for six months already and shows no traces of wear.