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The Modular Design of KNOLL’s MX-Pump: More Flexibility and Less Costs

Pumps employed in industrial manufacturing processes need to meet high standards. In most cases their capacity and the required back pressure are in the forefront of attention. But since pumps are durable capital goods, it is also worth looking at their modularity, as changing production conditions mostly have impacts on the pumps, too.

This is the reason why progressive cavity pumps from KNOLL Maschinenbau come with a modular design built-in. It is the ideal prerequisite for adaption to changing production conditions. For example in the case of the MX20 nine different sizes can be derived from the basic model, so that the pump can be optimally adjusted to parameters like flow rate or pressure with replacing only few parts. This is achieved through modular rings compensating different diameters of pump assembly versions in the suction housing and pressure joint.

The modular design brings advantages not only for the end user, but also for plant constructors as they can reduce the number of design components significantly, due to the fact that the connection size concerning height is always the same for nine different pump sizes – variations occur only in length.

Even larger suction housings can be adapted quickly and easily without additional components. This makes sense for high-viscosity and lumpy media. Considering the MX from KNOLL Maschinenbau in terms of life cycle costs, the modular design clearly  offers substantial benefits: Its flexibility due to few components makes it easy to change parts and simplify the supply with spare parts. In addition the modular design helps to adopt fast to changing operational scenarios and manufacturing demands.

Thus, the progressive cavity pump MX becomes a worthwhile investment for many areas of application as it can convince not only on the technical but also on the economic level.

Why KNOLL’s MX-Pumps rely on EvenWall

A very important feature of KNOLL’s progressing cavity pump is their stator with EvenWall®-technology. The following presentation demonstrates why this technology is so important and helpful: