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Preventing bridging with the MX50 feed hopper version

KNOLL develops, designs and produces solutions customised to the specifications of its customers. These include one of the world’s leading oil companies, which has successfully been using KNOLL progressing cavity pumps for several years now.

An existing progressing cavity pump was replaced with an MX pump by KNOLL by optimising a production process. With this application, grease is pumped at temperatures in the 100 – 200 °C range and at a viscosity of approx. 10,000 mPas. The process is such that it is possible for clumps of grease to arrive at the pump despite the high temperature and the liquid properties of the medium.

In this case, an MX50R-60/10 with bridge breaker and separate drive was used in order to prevent bridging. Taking account of the medium’s complex properties, the bridge breaker ensures controlled and troublefree delivery of the low-viscosity grease.

The universal joint runs in needle bearings lubricated with heat-resistant lubricants and, thus, is suitable for applications involving temperatures up to 250 °C.

Given the customer’s pre-existing machine set-up, the current pump’s connecting dimensions were adapted to match those of the MX pump, both at the feed hopper flange and at the pressure connection. This enabled Knoll to provide the customer with a more simple and, above all, more efficient refit.