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Interpack Trade Show: What KNOLL will exhibit

From 12 to 18 May 2011 interpack trade show will be held in Duesseldorf (Germany). KNOLL Maschinenbau will be participating, our booth can be found in hall 4, stand 4E05. You are cordially invited to visit our booth. Pumps from KNOLL do fit very well to the “world’s most important trade fair for the packaging sector“, as it adresses also all things processing.

The wider focus on processing issues is of interest for companies in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It offers a holistic view on the process chain featuring all aspects on processing, metering and finally packaging.

KNOLL Maschinenbau will introduce its new double spindle pump DSP. In addition, the pumps of the MX-series will be shown, including a new feature on the drives: a MX10 with stainless steel drive. Of course, all important models of the MX will be presented, too. Among them a version with double jacket for temperature control, a hopper version and of course a submerged version (for tank drainage).

All in all it may be worthwhile to stop by at KNOLL Maschinenbau in hall 4. You are very welcome and we look forward to meet you at interpack in Duesseldorf!

Cleaning Pumps Inside and Outside

Pumps need to be cleaned easily. But in most cases attention is paid only  to the interior of the pump while the pump housing and the drive get much less attention. In the American Food Industry there is an ever increasing demand on general hygiene that is being extended to the exterior of the pumps. It is now as important for the exterior of the pump to  be cleaned as easily as the interior.

Because of this requirement, pumps must be cleanable with high pressure cleaners. For instance, pumps cannot have painted parts that would discourage high pressure washing. This requires smooth outer contours without dead spaces, so that no dirt traps or residues of cleaning fluids occur. In addition the atmosphere side surfaces of the pump need to be corrosion resistant to aggressive cleaning agents.

KNOLL Maschinenbau can meet all of these requirements with its MX progressing cavity pump: The MX is designed completely in stainless steel, which also applies to the stator jacket and the drive. There are no covers on the drive. Covers normally accumulate a lot of dirt and are unsuitable for very hygiene-sensitive work environments. As a drive in stainless steel, gear, servo and stepper motors are offered, so that a wide range of use cases can be covered.

In addition, the MX from KNOLL Maschinenbau maintains the highest degree of internal sanitary standards (CIP and SIP) – like in the standard model. As a consequence this progressive cavity pump is ready not only for food industry, but may as well assist in pharmacy, biochemistry and cosmetics in order to meet highest hygiene requirements.

KNOLL’s MX-Pumps Meet the 3-A Sanitary Standards

The progressing cavity pumps from KNOLL Maschinenbau correspond now to the 3-A Sanitary Standard (United States of America). In addition to the EHEDG-certification the MX-Pumps now meet another very important standard of hygiene. This underlines once again the suitability of this pump for applications under the most stringent hygiene requirements.

The 3-A Sanitary Standard  goes back to the 3-A Organization founded in 1920, which was a merger of three non-profit organizations. The goal was to establish criteria for the equipment and thus the product quality of dairies. This was intended to protect the health of consumers of dairy products. Since 2002, there is also the 3-A Sanitary Standard Inc. as a subsidiary organization of the 3-A, defining mandatory standards and monitoring any compliance with them. The work of the 3-A organization is widely recognized outside the USA and no longer just used in the production of milk, but, for example in the pharmaceutical field, too.

The certification due to 3-A primarily relies on the structural features, namely the structural design, surface quality and the materials used (for example the elastomers). Even the manufacturers of the seals must comply with this and prove certification of their products. This even extends to the level of staff members involved in the production: They must be certified for certain activities themselves.

This method of certification differs fundamentally from a certification due to EHEDG, where the pump is running a trial subjected to practically similar circumstances as appearing in normal production cycles.

A special feature of the MX-Pump from KNOLL is the fact that it has received certification to 3-A in its standard version, only with very minor modifications, covering the series MX20, MX30 and MX50. For buyers of such pumps this brings a significant price advantage, as in most cases no (expensive) supplementary parts are needed. Moreover, the supply of spare parts can be kept easier and faster because the required high quality already is included in the standard version of the series.

The Benefits of Progressive Cavity Pumps Compared to Other Pumping Systems

When a new manufacturing plant gets planned or an existing plant needs to be modernized, often the question of the right pumping system is taken into consideration: What type of pump is the correct one? The following list speaks in favor of the progressive (progressing) cavity pump:

  1. Gentle conveying of the medium: the pumping chambers in the pump assembly remain constant, so that the product gets neither crushed nor sheared. The non metal to metal contact of the progressive cavity principle is far superior when pumping abrasive particles in suspension.
  2. Different viscosities are equally well served: From low to high viscosity media the progressive cavity pump handles everything, even thixotropic or entrained air fluids. This makes it extremely flexible and versatile in its range of applications.
  3. No backflow into the pump: When stopped the progressive cavity pump closes like a slider (valveless pump) so that practically no backflow returns to the pump.
  4. Very good suction performance: With its excellent suction performance this pump is the right choice for emptying barrels, mixers and containers of all kinds (big bags). Progressing cavity pumps from KNOLL Maschinenbau offer a negative pressure of up to 0.2 bar absolute, when fitted as suction, submergible and following plate version.
  5. Metering accuracy: Due to low pulsation the progressive cavity pump offers very exact metering. An additional valve is not required.
  6. Linear characteristic curve: Since there is no backflow into the pump, the flow rate is increasing always proportional to the speed. Thus, the optimal efficiency of this pump extends over a very wide range.
  7. Suitable for high pressures: Progressing cavity pumps from KNOLL achieve a pressure increase of up to 80 bars, which makes them an interesting proposition for sophisticated engineering. The higher pressures are desirable for moving product greater distances and for applications involving extrusions.

The MX-Pumps from KNOLL therefore are used in a wide range of  different applications. Here is a selection of media that will be optimally promoted by this progressive cavity pump:

  • In the food and beverage industry: dairy products, raw and cooked vegetables, fruit mash, concentrates (eg juices), liquid egg dough, color and flavor, butter, cooked dishes, raw and auxiliary materials and finished materials for the confectionery industry, chocolate (with and without lumpiness), animal food;
  • In chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics: paints and coatings, resins, waxes, adhesives, raw and auxiliary materials for the pharmaceutical industry, peels, cosmetic products (including products for organic and natural cosmetics).

Emptying Barrels containing Highly Viscous Media

High viscosity media are often stored in drums and must be retrieved from these for further processing. Since they can be so tough that there is no subsequent flow, special precautions have to be taken to make sure that their drum gets fully voided. Examples include ointments, pastes, greases, resins, silicones and adhesives. In the production of foodstuff highly viscous materials also appear: Peanut butter, tomato paste or dough are typical examples.

For these purposes KNOLL Maschinenbau offers its progressing cavity pump MX as submerged version for easy drainage of drums, mixers, agitators and big bags. The particular advantage of this type of pump is it that it can both transport tough to semisolid media and meter them while emptying the barrel except for very small rests. In addition to that transportation over relatively long distances with at the other end an exact placing in smaller containers is no problem. The MX-Pumps provide the pressure that is necessary in such situations, ranging from no pressure at up to 40 Bar.

The construction of the pump can follow very individual needs. A pneumatic control can be included (or omitted), as well as temperature regulation (heating for very high viscous media). In addition, the entire structure will be adapted to the size of the container to be emptied, so that both, normal 200-liter barrels, as well as smaller containers can be operated.

For the core of the system, the progressing cavity pump MX apply, of course, all the benefits of this series of pumps: Very good cleaning ability with intelligent separation points for easy disassembly and assembly as well as readiness for cleaning-in-place (CIP capability), gentle and low-pulsation conveyance of the cargo and the handling of high pressure due to the EvenWall technology, to name only a few.

In practical use the following plate is placed and fixed directly on the transport medium. Once the pumping starts, the following plate is moved down by using a pneumatic cylinder.

Seals between the plate and tap ensure that the cargo can escape only through the pump. The geometry of the following plate and the setting of the end points an almost complete emptying of the drum is reached. At the end of a discharge process, the follower plate is put back into its original position. It can then be easily cleaned or replaced.